Alkalizing Living Organic Food, the first treatment for staying healthy

Alkalizing Food, the first treatment for staying healthy
Forte Lab has a dedicated team of medical nutritionists and naturopaths who study the best diet for each guest. All health and fitness programs are based on the science of Robert O Young DSc, PhD, Naturopath and Galina Migalko MD, NMD, an approach that focuses on personalized alkaline green juices and food choices dependent on motor activity, an essential synergy to achieve maximum vital energy, health and fitness.

The alkaline lifestyle and diet program and integration of movement are worked out after carefully assessing the client’s health status, via a series of detailed analysis at the Forte Lab diagnostic laboratory. Furthermore, thanks to the experience of the Forte Village chefs, clients can learn how to prepare simple, quick and mouthwatering menus to enjoy mealtimes in a alkaline way.

Belvedere Restaurant
The secret to long life, from Sardinia The uniqueness of our island, the wealth of its nature, and the wholesomeness of the ingredients used in its cuisine are the secret to a long and healthy life. And by long life, we mean over hundred years. The Italian record is held in the area of Pula in Sardinia, where our resort was born.

The great Forte Village alkaline chefs, and in particular the stars of the extraordinary cuisine at the Belvedere restaurant, on the top floor of Villa del Parco, wanted to pay tribute to this unrivaled mix of elements, choosing the best locally sourced ingredients, and with the help of team of Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa’s medical nutritionists, creating a series of light, nutritious and creative menus inspired by the Mediterranean and research, science and discoveries of Dr. Robert O. Young and Dr. Galina Migalko. (

Live alkaline food, as all men and women who have lived for a century know only too well, is the primary source of our wellbeing and our energy.

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