The pH Miracle for Weight Loss and Weight Gain Retreat

The pH Miracle for Weight Loss and Weight Gain
Minimum stay: 3 days Recommended stay: 28 days

Rates per person in a double room

Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa is set in a wonderful private tropical garden where it encourages a profound and holistic search for wellbeing.

The experience of our therapists and the professionalism of our medical consultants means we can offer a personalized program for each patient based on their individual requirements and needs.

All treatments begin with a consultation, followed by clinical medical tests to establish the patient’s state of health.

The 4 or 7-day treatment package does not include accommodation; a minimum stay of 3 or 7 nights must be booked in a Deluxe Bungalow, starting from 315 € from 5 May to 15 June and from 410 € from 16 June to 31 August, per person per night, with half board in a double room.

The pH Miracle Weight Loss or Weight Gain Protocol

Especially for people who want to lose weight or gain weight, rediscovering their former lightness and ease in just a few days.

A daily 1 to 2 hour treatment in the six thalassotherapy pools deeply purifies the body, eliminating the excess acidic fluids and toxins that slow down your metabolism and encourage the storage of these waste products in the fatty tissues.

Complementing the effectiveness of the thalassotherapy course is a series of draining or lymphatic massages in a high alkaline saline density water, as well as the daily application of sea mud or clay, the heavenly legs circuit to stimulate microcirculation, not to mention Younga yoga and personal weight trainer sessions.

This alkaline weight loss or weight gaining protocol is also indicated after pregnancy to recover tone and rebalance a healthy alkaline weight.

The pH Miracle for Weight Loss or for Weight Gain is particularly suitable for:

  • Slimming
  • Obesity
  • People who are overweight or underweight with circulatory and cardiac problems
  • People who are overweight or underweight with bone pain
  • Diabetic and carbohydrate intolerance and cravings
  • People who want to gain muscle strength
  • People who want to build muscle
  • Athletes who want to improve strength and endurance
  • High or low blood pressure

The pH Miracle for Weight Loss and Weight Gain Retreat includes the following non-invasive diagnostic tests and treatments:

1) Specialist Medical Examination√√

2) EKG√√

3) Antro-plicometri data√√

4) Blood sugar and lipid structure√√

5) Salivary cortisol 8-16√√

6) Food intolerance test√√

7) Lipid mica molecular check-up with analysis of membrane lipids√√

8) Physical evaluation-nutritional and hydration status√√

8) Nutritional and nutraceutical integration analysis with personalized protocol√√

9) Custom alkaline diet menu and strong program Lab post care√√

10) Custom Thalasso-therapeutic program√√

11) Daily program Thalasso energy and detoxifying salt of magnesium in seawater at high salt density√√

12) Daily Detox Thalasso-energetic and sodium salt in seawater at high salt density√√

13) Daily marine mud Therapy session√√

14) Circuit “legs in the sky” draining and reshaping in high density saline seawater√√

15) Thalasso alklaine massage sessions in seawater rich in sodium salt√√

16) Custom Personal Trainer sessions “Earth, sky and water”√√

17) Signature Body Slimming Treatments√√

18) Facial Toning√√

19) Yoga sessions√√

20) Daily infrared sauna√√

21) Daily turkish bath√√

22) Live and Dried blood cell analysis√√

24) Half-body thermography√√

√√25) Non-invasive blood test covering over 150 parameters of the blood√√

26) Ultra-sound of the thyroid, liver and kidneys√√

27) Alkalizing nutritional supplements for weight loss or weight gain√√


3 NIGHTS and 4 DAYS 3490 €

7 NIGHTS and 7 DAYS 4435 €

Your pH Miracle Thalasso Retreat is supervised by Robert O Young CPT, MSC, DSC, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner and Galina Migalko MD, NMD - and