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“ A quite luxury retreat with a tropical mediterranean garden, we had a comfortable and private direct access of the "Terme del Forte" SPA & Thalassotherapy. Here we tried all the 6 salted water pools available. We want highlight a couple of treatments that we enjoyed and relaxed so much: the "4-hand Forte Massage" and the "Salt and honey massage". The first one is a synchronized heavenly four hands massage made by two women with knowledge and experience capable to detect your body issues and work on them softly or hardly at your choice. The second one is rejuvenating session which uses two different and opposite elements like the sweet honey of Sardinia and the salt of mediterranean sea. Our final score for these two experience together with the Thalassotherapy pools circuit is at the maximum of our Travelscore scale and is undoubtedly a 20/20.”

“This was the first time I visited the South West of Sardinia and first time at the resort. The first impression on arrival was the feeling of being immersed in beauty with an incredibly lush garden by the sea covered with plants, flowers and trees, inhabited by lovely species of birds and even parrots. The atmosphere at the resort was relaxed and luxurious and the service faultless. The room was very clean and of good size with its large bathroom. The water pressure in both bath and shower was powerful which I find important. Equally important was the balcony terrace facing the sea which retained a feeling of utter privacy, yet still being at walking distance from every amenities, restaurants, pools, sports facilities. Bikes were at hand to go from one spot to another which made it easy to enjoy all that the place had to offer. The staff was always at hand to help with a smile and make for a totally relaxed experience. The beach was very well serviced again and we even did a long walk which took us to enjoy fabulous aerial views of South Sardinia. The gym located in the garden spa was well equipped, not to mention the Thalasso pools, a circuit of Saline pools which was so soothing after a day of gym or hiking. The food was great too and there was no shortage of choice. All in all the stay was really faultless and would definitely return as there is a lot to see that we didn't have a chance to try in 4 days. Great experience overall.”