The pH Miracle Thalasso Alkalizing Healing Retreat for ALL Health Challenges

Minimum stay: 3 Nights and 3 Days

Recommended: 12 weeks

Rates are per person in a luxury bungalow

The pH Miracle Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa is set in a wonderful private tropical garden where it encourages a profound and holistic search for wellbeing. The experience of our therapists and the professionalism of our health and medical consultants means we can offer a personalized program for each patient based on their individual requirements and needs.

All treatments begin with a consultation, followed by clinical medical tests to establish the client’s state of health and fitness.

Thalasso Alkalizing treatments

Especially for people who want to detox and heal their body and for profound relaxation, rebalancing the body and mind in the best way possible.

A daily 1 to 2 hour session in the alkalizing thalasso salt and detoxing aloe vera pools

It purifies and lightens the body, freeing it from acidic toxins, acidic water retention and stress that make muscles sore – and thoughts overwhelming – and a body less flexible.

Complementing the effectiveness of the thalassotherapy course is a series of detox treatments and massages, also performed in water with a high saline density. The yoga sessions and the advice of a nutritionist instil the peace of mind and awareness necessary to keep up the beneficial results that have been achieved with your personalized pH Miracle Protocol.

The pH Miracle Thalasso Treatment are particularly suitable for:


Your pH Miracle Thalasso Retreat includes the following:

1) Specialist Medical Examination included

2) EKG includeded

3) Glycemic and lipid structure evaluation included

4) Lactate/lactic acid test included

5) Comprehensive blood tests included

6) Complete metabolic panel included

7) Live and Dried blood testing included

8) Non-invasive blood tests covering over 150 tests

9) Non-Invasive 3-D Functionality Testing covering the function of all organ systems included

10) pH and chemistry testing of the interstitial fluids and blood included

11) Face angle testing the life-force energy of the body cells included

12) Physical-nutrition and hydration status assessment (BIA) included

13) Abdominal-pelvic ultrasonography included

14) Doppler vascular lower limbs included

15) Half-body thermography included

16) Nutritional and nutraceutical integration recommendations with reports included

17) Custom pH Miracle Thalasso-therapeutic program included

18) Daily program Thalasso energy and detoxifying salt of magnesium in seawater at high salt density for 3 to 7 treatments

19) Daily Detox Thalasso-energy and sodium salt in seawater at high salt density for 3 to 7 treatments

20) Marine Mud Therapy 1 to 3 sessions

21) Circuit “legs in the sky” draining and reshaping in high density saline seawater 3 to 6 treatments

22) Thalasso pH Miracle Massage session in seawater rich in sodium salt 1 treatment

23) Signature pH Miracle Body Detoxifying Treatments 3 or 7 treatments

24) Signature Facial Treatment 1 treatment

25) Therapeutic pH Miracle Massage Detoxifying 3 or 6 treatments

26) Yoga Sessions 3 sessions

27) Turkish Steam bath 7 sessions

28) Infrared Sauna bath 7 sessions

29) Alkalizing retention enemas

30) Luxury bungalow suite next to the pH Miracle Thalasso Medical Spa included

31) Alkaline green juices, breakfast, lunch and dinner 3 or 7 days

32) Targeted nutritional supplements included for 30 days

33) The pH Miracle revised and updated book

34) Personal coaching from Robert O Young CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner and Galina Migalko MD, NMD

Your Investment into YOUR Future Personal Health and Fitness Your pH Miracle Thalasso Retreat for 3 Nights and 3 Days: 6835 € per person (price includes accommodations and alkaline meals, juices and snacks)

Your pH Miracle Thalasso Retreat for 7 Nights and 7 Days: 9835 € (price includes accommodations and alkaline meals, juices and snacks)

Your pH Miracle Thalasso Retreat is supervised by Robert O Young CPT, MSC, DSC, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner and Galina Migalko MD, NMD - and